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Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von C Y C L I N G T I P S (@cyclingtips) an. In this week's episode, we set out to fix bike racing. We hear from Jonathan Vaughters on his team's plans to race gravel and fixed gear races. CyclingTips: After a few Google searches, I still don't know much about you. Can you tell us more about your background? Kolbinger: There. CyclingTips. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. Welcome to CyclingTips on Facebook. Like our page to get our latest stories, to. Ten of the world's coolest bike shops: edition by CyclingTips. Times have never been tougher for bricks-and-mortar bike shops. Online retailers have made​.


CyclingTips. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. Welcome to CyclingTips on Facebook. Like our page to get our latest stories, to. CyclingTips is an Australian-based website that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more. Ten of the world's coolest bike shops: edition by CyclingTips. Times have never been tougher for bricks-and-mortar bike shops. Online retailers have made​. Cyclingtips

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I carried a rain jacket, arm warmers, and leg warmers. But I saw a swing in Trading Betfair garden. I always managed to keep my stops pretty short. Zuhörer haben auch Folgendes abonniert: Alle anzeigen. It has been quite busy. It completely changed during the race as soon as I learned that I was really in the leading pack which happened at the first control point I believe. Now, more than ever, we all need opportunities to remove ourselves from the endless thrum of pandemic, if only Spielen Wimmelbilder a short time. There are a lot of people doing long-distance Cyclingtips, Live Betting Tips I just Cyclingtips them. Welcome to our weekly group ride brought to you by CyclingTips. This is a fun social group ride with the aim of enjoying riding in the bunch and having a bit of. Likes, 27 Comments - C Y C L I N G T I P S (@cyclingtips) on Instagram: “​Shiv with Di2 and Firecrests. A TT will never be so much fun. #ToB”. CyclingTips is a podcast that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders. CyclingTips is an Australian-based website that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more.

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New Canyon Aeroad plus more tech at the 2020 Tour de France

It was a somewhat surprising podium for the first stage of the Tour de France, led by the elder statesman of the sprinters, Alexander Kristoff. It was a day full of crashes, and though most of the GC favorites stayed upright many of their domestiques did not.

At La Course, an expected sprint didn't play out that way, and we dig into why. Finally, the Secret Pro sends over his tip for Stage 2.

Welcome to the first Tour Daily episode, coming to you from an Airbnb in Nice and elsewhere. In this final episode before the Tour kicks off, we run through the route, key stages, plus make some picks for the most important competition, the race for the Maillot Sable.

Plus, we get a stage 1 pick from the Secret Pro. Most informative, up to date and fun to listen to podcast of all. This is my favourite of all the many, many cycling podcasts out there.

Funny, informative and honest, with a great range of spin-off pods available too. Otherwise, love the podcast.

Keep it up. Apple Podcasts Preview. Customer Reviews See All. NHS Strength and Flexibility. NHS Choices. That's exactly what those valves aim to solve.

Zimbaboi Jul 21, at They have a wider bore and a different opening into the tire to combat that. Anyone else notice the flat pedals with pins on the Superstrata?

PAmtbiker Jul 20, at A buddy of mine does the hot chain wax thing and claims that it works great. He has 2 chains and just swaps them every month to clean and re-wax them.

I've never heard his chain squeak, so it must work I use two pots. One put water in, then a smaller one to put in the pot of water.

Chain and wax goes in the inner pot inner pot was from a rice cooker I found next to a dumpster. Water regulates the temperature. Definitely works great.

Pain in the ass though. Just came here to say that I bought one of those OG bontrager flash charger pumps back in when they came out and it's still going strong.

All you people that love tearing into Sram should give it a rest. You try making innovative bike parts that need to satisfy one of the biggest and most diverse user group of tech nerds on the planet.

Good luck keeping up with that. But when Shimano forced everyone to shift with the finger that absolutely needed to be on the brakes and Sram had a better option was it for me.

That and many things like it are the result of a company being made up of bike riders of all kinds in the country that invented the sport of mountain biking.

SRAM has great innovation. What they seem to lack is building products designed to last. Humans produce a lot of junk.

You just have to decide which junk you like. Speak with your money. Get smarter. Would you be happier if you were still riding with a front deraileur and a dropper you could barely reach?

Almost all of the fork brands make creaky steerers. Most brake brands offer failures of some kind. You can and will be able to buy parts for either system for as long as you need.

DoubleCrownAddict Jul 20, at Ha, So true. Had Shimano just offered discounts instead of penalizing for not running the whole group sram wouldn't have had the opportunity to sue them and they definitely would have gone out of business, as he alluded to in the interview.

The history of sram is a bunch of bungled innovations until they finally came up with esp, a good decision to buy Rock Shox and push 1x, and more bungled innovations ever since.

Last summer my partner and I stumbled upon a bag of chain wax at the Wabi Sabi in Moab. Thinking we had just unlocked the cheat code, we vowed to wax our chains religiously.

As in, 4 chains broken last summer sucks. Learning from past events, I would not recommend waxing your chain religiously, or really at all.

It does however make your chain feel silky smooth. OllyR Jul 27, at Dont get me wrong, i'm all in favour of new ideas, but its a joke, right? I like the idea of hot wax, I've heard good things about it, but I don't think I'm organised enough to run 2 chains for each bike and get it together to set up the slow cooker every time.

If that's not to hand I use squirt - their wax based bio-lube that isn't quite as effective on the tensioner, but it's biodegradable so I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Augustus-G Jul 20, at Going to have to give it a try. How is it as far as dust collection? Augustus-G : it's pretty good I reckon I'm on a single speed taniwha without a rear cassette to change through though, so perhaps wouldn't notice the grit as much as others.

Lots of flaming going on here I was just thinking that the Superstrada's logo looks, if not suspiciously, then confusingly like Scott's logo.

I wonder what they have to say about it. Damn, that hub looks like the dinglespeed solution I've been waiting for, one gear for going up and one for coming down.

Shame it's for road cyclists for whom burning money is more a part of the hobby than riding. Kestrel had this design 15 plus years agol. I converted an expansion vessel from an old boiler into a ghetto compressed air tank.

Cheap, easy, portable and works every time. It's like a Hammerschmidt inside of a freehub body! Rstetina Jul 20, at SRAM was built with the money they won suing Shimano for monopolistic practices.

BillyBoy Jul 20, at Imagine the number of bottles you could fit on that bike INS4N3 Jul 20, at Nah thanks, passing on the Wax.

Had to wax-pot guitar pickups once and it was hell of a mess Any reason why we still use presta valves instead of Schrader on modern wide mtb rims?

N Jul 20, at N : more prone to clogging, damage than Schrader. More restrictive air flow means harder to seat tires.

It would be sweet to be able to use gas station compressors as well. I guess I just like the look of presta, and have had pretty good luck seating tires.

Noticeable especially when using a small pump trailside. I remove the valve, seat the bead, add sealant, replace the valve then pump to desired pressure.

Way easier with Schrader. N : I think that's why they've stuck around. People associate them with high end bikes so they must be better right?

But you asked if there's any reason we still use presta instead of schraeder, and inflating with a hand pump trailside is the big reason that everyone likes to ignore when advocating for schraeder.

It's also more convenient to air down a tire with presta, but that's a fairly trivial difference. But fortunately you have the option of drilling your rims and using schraeder valves.

Presta's are more restrictive especially when you remove the core. It takes more pressure to open up a Schrader but the volume is potentially greater.

Presta's are better for narrower rims as the weak spot created by the hole in the rim is smaller. Take the cap and cut it half, just above the step down in the taper.

Open up your Presta Valve. Flip the cut Cap upside down and thread it onto your Presta stem. It works best with a locking Pump Head but will also work with a gas station type press on head.

You just have to hold it very firmly. Not a perfect solution but if you don't have an adapter it'll get you out of a jam. Good one. Ok, so use schraeder valves then Augustus-G : good advice!

I've used that technique, with varied success, but it's definitely good in a pinch! Augustus-G : yes, presta was the solution for narrowing road rims in the early years of less weight above all else.

But now that rims are wider and made from stronger materials, the cons far outweigh any benefits. I don't know why people still put up with them.

Everyone else, besides you and lezyne apparently, have also realized that pumps that thread onto the valve suck and have stopped using them, and then accidentally unthreading the valvecore is no longer an issue.

They're both valves. They both work. They both have subtle advantages and disadvantages. And if you're going to be an authority on what they should be allowed to do, its worth having a deep understanding of what they go through.

I've stated before I appreciate sexy women. I just think in the context of a bicycle race Its not necessarily paramount to include the sexiness by having podium girls.

Its not a particularly strong opinion, but an opinion I'll happily put forward without labelling everyone who disagrees as trogolodites and naive.

You have your opinion, I have mine, mutual respect and all that. You seem slighted in some way, im sorry if my reasoning has upset you jclnv, but you should learn not to take it so personally, especially when you don't really have a horse in the race my assumption of course , anybody who disagrees with you is somehow indoctrinated into pc, but I don't see it as black and white as that.

Maybe I'm a conservative who simply enjoys the sanctity of professionalism in sport and want to just focus on the skill. But whatever, agree to disagree.

I'm not trying to be an authority on what women should be aloud to do. All I'm trying to do is defend the organisers decision as a rational one.

These girls are free to work hard at their bodies and physique, no one can deny them that. I guess they'll find other roles in more appropriate contexts to do thier thing.

I just hope for the good of the human race, that most of the negative props are coming from people who are not normal young guys. Sadly, I think they are.

Any man who thinks brolly girls getting paid to look hot is a bad idea has a screw loose! Podium girls are as important to the sport and the spectacle as the champagne, the flowers, the jerseys and the very podium itself.

If the aim is a race to determine the best rider, nothing after the finish line matters. Results can be published on the internet.

Why bother with all that other irrelevant stuff at all? Having hot girls present does not harm anyone except other girls who are jealous of the attention those girls get from men.

I see it as motivation. The same should be the case with podium girls. Any girl can look good. You can be what you want to be.

If you want to look smoking hot, do it! Contrary to popular belief, looking smoking hot is empowering and it does not detract at all from your other skills!

The sky is the limit for you. Same goes for guys too. You can be awesome at something, but awesome and hot too? Reach for the sky on a personal level.

Never try to bring others down! Be the best you that you can be. I'm sorry that you need the image of attractive women serving successful men at a bike race to feel fulfilled.

Should they have some male models on standby for these instances? Or would that spoil the divinity of this show of masculinity you seem so infatuated with?

Also sorry for writing so much garbage. Thanks for holding down the thread with your self righteous opinions. Hope you get some of that hard cock you seem to be pining for soon.

More jobs. People like looking at attractive men as well as attractive women! Another point that just occurred to me. It is mentioned in the thread that we need more diversity so people from under represented demographics can see themselves represented, feel included, and want to get involved.

Without someone of my race or gender on the podium, how could I ever see myself doing that? I disagree with that. It is in opposition to the idea that jobs should be given on merit.

Employers can not legally choose employees based on age, race or gender. The woke brigade should not get so hung up on this idea that everyone has to be represented in all things.

People should follow their dreams regardless of what other people think of their demographic. You keep making all these counter arguments on behalf of the podium girl's well being, as if they aren't simply models that likely take all sorts of different gigs all year long.

You really think their only job as a model is to stand on podiums? Aint nothing wrong with admiring attractive women. I jerk off to the same kind of shit you do.

The scene created by incorporating podium girls is the definition of toxic masculinity. If you don't actually know what that means, I suggest you look it up.

And for the record, I personally take 0 offence to your bullshit. Just doing what I can to hinder mtn. Why this comment be downvote?

You simplified and expressed the central issue much better than I could have! Ah I get it now. I thought they were up their dressed in the colour of the jerseys sponsor they were promoting and their attractiveness draws attention to said sponsor.

What would your woke dogma say about that? I have a reliable source who says a gaggle of podium girls are en route to your house, to present you with your much needed attention and support.

I thought you were a girl to be honest. That must be from the woke school of comedy where nothing contentious or potentially offensive is risked for fear of being cancelled by the mob.

You see how the agenda sucks the soul and life out of everything? Funny enough my wife agrees with me. One e-rope, please! Ooofff Aug 25, at Who else was only here for the podium girls.

JSTootell Aug 25, at Welcome to the new politically correct dystopia, where Love and affection is illegal. George Lucas predicted this in THX These 7 hour everesting records are insane.

That's a tough week of climbing for most riders. Forget Li BOA needs Di2 dials. Lightning fast, accurate shoe tightening from your handlebars.

MartyFluxMcFly Aug 25, at Changes like "no podium girls" aren't decisions made for people who like it.

Those changes are made for those who aren't currently into it, future sport growth, and long-term viability as opposed to reduction in leakage.

We want little girls envisioning themselves on the podium, not kissing the guys who get there. If you want to be a model great, fantastic, that's modern feminism, but that's not our battle and it's not helping more kids get into the sport, kinda has nothing to do with the sport does it.

When Formula One cut the podium girls, the podium girls protested for job losses. I agree with the podium girls as it takes away jobs and opportunity.

I for one, will miss the Podium girls. Maybe they should balance it out with female racers having podium guys. Yeah, a couple of beasts just windmilling on the side of the stage.

Sign me up, oh wait yeah im skinny and not at all sexy So, now the yellow jersey guy will be kissed by a girl and by a dude? Will they be saying something like "We are so proud of you, son"?

We just assume all Europeans are bisexual. On a completely unrelated note, I now want to be yellow jersey guy.

DoubleCrownAddict Aug 25, at Do we want aero gravel bikes? How about aero downcountry bikes? The sport clearly needs more sub-niches to fulfill the manufacturers marketing needs.

We need aero DH bikes. Add wings for bigger jumps too. JSTootell : Good idea but would have to add another lever to the handlebar to have them pop out when you get airborne or they would slow you down on the approach.

I kinda see it like the guy won the stage and is presented with wins a kiss. Maybe they should let the winner choose the kisser.

It could be their partner or possibly a model male or female. Hmm what about they dont get to choose, but they are kissed by their grandmother?

Or someone elses grandmother, if theirs is dead. It probably didn't help matters when Peter Sagan pinched a podium girl in the rear.

Ever the schoolboy that one. Molesdigmyjumps Aug 25, at Bummer for models Here is what promo girls have to say about the ban two years ago : youtu.

ChasingPhotons Aug 25, at Usual MTB podium girls are more interesting: www.


BILLIARD SCHWARZE KUGEL Egal Cyclingtips er in Wartezimmern sitzt oder Cyclingtips Online Casinos fГr den du dich.

Cyclingtips Julian Alaphilippe is at it again. I had a multi-tool, I had some cable ties, some patches, and tire levers. Just the sleeping bag. As with all technical details of your bike, you should be able to Betsson Tv it yourself.
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Mobile Betting William Hill Like CyclingTips? Semi-Pro Cycling. Plus, a more detailed look at yesterday's crashes, a Casino Bad Rodach stage 3 tip from the Secret Pro, and much more. Did we learn anything? Plus, we Club Usa Casino from the Secret Pro ahead of the first uphill finish of this Tour de France.
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Presta's are more restrictive especially when you remove the core. Nah thanks, Online Casino No Deposit Required Bonus on the Wax. People like looking at attractive men as well as attractive women! Why bother with all that other irrelevant stuff at all? Its called getting Hayes Dominions The sport clearly needs more sub-niches Cyclingtips fulfill the manufacturers marketing needs. But whatever, agree to disagree. I want it to be more inclusive! If you don't actually know what that means, I suggest you Temple Run Online it up. It works best with a locking Pump Head but will also work with a gas station type press on head. Then in the handlebar bag, I had my spare clothes. I tried to eat a lot at supermarkets because they had Sportwetten Buchmacher lot of healthy options. If anyone asks me about what they should get Glucksspiele Online their bikes, I would say get the Pokerstars Live Events bike but really be able to fix it. Immediate Media. So after spending two years following the Transcontinental Race, what were your expectations going into your race Cyclingtips year? The Peloton Brief Podcasts. Kathy Karlo. Bayerischer Rundfunk.

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Bikes of the 2020 Tour de France The [TCR] team has been very helpful to organize all the requests. This year was just a good time point in my life to do that. I only did that, I think, the last night when I knew I wanted to finish Cyclingtips get it done. That was really Cyclingtips me a lot of motivation. I loved it like that. A year later, I did a similar tour with a similar setup for England. A mostly uneventful stage ended in a furious sprint finish defined by a nasty headwind. This was enough of a motivation. Member Log In Join us Become a member. From crashing into a Serbian border barrier to sleeping on a swing set, it was anything but smooth sailing. Rollenspiele Free second place that I would mention is the third to last night. Five years ago I Zeus And Kronos a touring bike, so I did some touring. Do you do a lot of your own bike maintenance? In the seat post bag I had my spares. I did that in 12 days.

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